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Footy Finally Returned – Round Two Wrap

It’s been nearly three months between rounds one and two, but footy finally returned last Thursday night. Round 2 started with a forgettable draw but thankfully, that was the only match of the round that didn’t reach anywhere near the excitement level that was expected.

Collingwood started the round with the first four goals and then only one more for the rest of the match. The Tigers on the other hand, didn’t kick a goal until the second quarter and seemed to be finishing all over their opposition but simply ran out time.

The upset of the round was Gold Coast’s big win over Premiership contender, West Coast. The Eagles were outclassed after half time and seemed to run out of energy leaving the Suns to celebrate a memorable victory early in the season.

The Giants were disappointing on their home turf as were the Swans. Perhaps North and Essendon have started a new process for interstate travel in flying up on the morning of the game instead 1 or 2 days before. It certainly did them no harm at all.

The Bulldogs are one of the four teams without a win after the first two rounds but haven’t looked like winning either match. Their Round one loss against Collingwood was no surprise, but the losing margin against the Saints was something that we simply don’t expect from this tough Bulldogs team which contains many Premiership players from their 2016 campaign.

To me, the 16 minute plus time-on quarters should now revert back to 20 minutes plus time-on. I think that the quarters are now too short and there is no real reason to maintain this for another 15 rounds and finals. One positive for me is that this year is probably the fairest for many years as each team gets to play each other once. While I would rather a season greater than 17 rounds, it is a much fairer system that some teams playing each other twice and others only once. If we can’t have a 34 round season (I doubt we will ever see this), then a 17 round season plus a wild card playoff before the finals commence is what I’d be happy to see from 2021 onwards.



Bring on Round 2!

Round two is finally going to get underway in a little over 1 day. It’s been nearly 3 months since Round one was played so if you’re anything like me you’ve been hanging out for live footy.

How are you going to watch the games? I’ve arranged for a Zoom prematch party with the people that I would normally sit with at the footy with. We will then reconvene at half time and again after the match. I’m hoping that this will provide a “near” match-day experience. As close as we’ll get while we are unable to attend matches in person anyway!

I’ve heard that others are going to get together in person to watch the game on TV, but I’ve opted for the Zoom experience.

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